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Thanks for your interest in Extreme Animals! Our show prices are $325/1hr, $425/1.5hrs or $525/2hrs. There may also be a travel fee, depending on your location. You get to choose four Animal Ambassadors from (Listed below) and we will choose four more for you to bring to your one hour show. That's a total of eight amazing animals! If you would like to book a Two Hour Show, we will bring 10-12 of our incredible Animal Ambassadors!  We will not bring anything you do not want to see 🙂.  Choose from the following animals: Baby Kangaroo, Three Banded Armadillo, Lemur, Fennec Fox, Chinchilla, Jacobin, Ferret, Lop-eared Bunny, large Albino Python, Crocodile, Hedgehog, Hairless Skinny Pig (aka: House Hippo), Australian Blue Tongued Skink, Bearded Dragon, smaller Snake, Tortoise, Tarantula, Gecko, Sudan Plated Lizard or Madagascar Hissing Roaches. Additionally, our Owl Monkey is also available as an add-on for an additional $50 if available, that day.

Our parties really are a blast! They are also super educational and entertaining too.  Even adults love them! Your Show can be very interactive (where people are allowed to touch and/or hold the Animal Ambassadors), or your show can be hands-off - your choice.  We feel it is very important to teach children while they are young - and even adults - about the amazing animals we share our planet with and how we can responsibly care for and conserve both them and their habitats. Additionally, we are the ONLY exotic animal program in central Oklahoma that carries liability insurance so you have no worries!  We can send a certificate to you per your request, free of charge.    We can't wait to share our knowledge and our Animal Ambassadors with you and your guests.

Please 'like' us on Facebook to see pics of some of our Animal Ambassadors! For more info or to book your animal adventure, please call Melissa at 405.413.3157 or click to BOOK NOW

We accept Cash, Check and all major credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. (some fees may apply).

Our programs can be hands-on with lots of interaction (which we are famous for), hands-off or a combination of both. Regardless of which style you choose, it will be the most extraordinary animal program you have ever experienced! Not only will you learn about the animals’ special characteristics, you will also find out how you can be a superhero for animals in need. You never know when the next animal conservationist might be sitting in the audience and conservation is the key to preserving our wildlife. Extreme Animals is an Oklahoma based fully licensed and insured Zoo-to-You program that will educate in a wildly entertaining atmosphere. Our program is unique in that you are allowed to choose some of the amazing animals you want to see. Discounted rates are available for multiple shows, don’t forget we do teen programs too! Call or e-mail today to get your program set-up! Additional references from other schools available upon request.

Are you planning an event that is set up as a larger format? Say an assembly or corporate function? Think that Extreme Animals may not be right for it? Well, think again! Let us put on a Safari Adventure Stage Show! This show is designed for large groups and program exhibits. Our safari guides will take your audience on an adventure of a lifetime as they watch the Leaping Lemurs, hilariously entertaining cockatoos and coatimundis, slippery snakes and crocs and so much more! Your guests will meet the most incredible and diverse group of fascinating and uniquely impressive animals that would love to have your attention! you have an event or program that needs entertainment on a much bigger scale? Then why not bring our Extreme Animals Zoo Mobile for your next festival, block party, fair, carnival or other function! Use it as an exciting fundraising opportunity! Our terrific Animal Ambassadors will make your event roar with ecstatic excitement! Professional wildlife educators/handlers will bring your large event a hands-on experience that is exillerating, fun, educational, informative and well worth it! The animals can't wait to show off their wildly cool traits while allowing everyone time to interact and be amazed by their antics! Special Rates Apply For Our Larger Format Shows, But Don't Let That Deter You...We Are Still Surprisingly Affordable So Call or Click Today! Additional Animals are available as are handlers, if necessary. A traveling fee is assessed after the first 10 miles (which are free). Additional mileage is $1.00 per mile each way. To Book Your Show...simply email us by clicking HERE! Feel Free to call either Melissa at 405.413.3157 or Shana at 405.413.3174 with your questions!
We are available for parties, programs and events 7 days a week!

WANNA GET SLOTHED?! We are so excited to announce our Sloth Experience is ready for booking! We guarantee you will instantly fall in love with Sid! With this being the only Sloth encounter in Oklahoma this really is a once in a lifetime experience that will have you mesmerized! Not only will you get to interact with and snap selfies with Sid, but your animal presenter will also photograph the amazing experience for you. Sloth Experiences are booking now, but on a very limited basis .

Pricing is as follows: $100 per person with a $400 minimum before travel, if applicable. Additionally, there may be a travel charge depending on your location . "I Got Slothed" T-shirts are also available for purchase at $10 each. Call or text us at 405-413-3157 to book!

For more info on all of the unique events we do or to book your animal adventure, please call or text Shana at 405.413.3174 or Melissa at 405.413.3157.
Yes, depending on your location. Please call Shana at 405.413.3174 or Melissa at 405.413.3157. Or email us to inquire. We'd love to come see you!
For shows in Florida please contact Melissa at 405.413.3157.