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Extreme Animals are making new friends.

Fox 25 likes to make wild new friends on Wednesdays...tune in

Take a walk on the wild side with us! We are always doing something wildly adventurous!


Extreme Animals -Movie Stars in the making

Whether we are introducing or cuddly, creepy and cute creatures to you on the morning show, or making guest appearances in the movies - or guest spots on TNT....we've been busy spreading some animal amore with animal lovers all over! Check out the videos below! And for more furry fun....find us on facebook for even MORE LIVE action!

Sid The Sloth Sweetens Up The Cast

Sloths might be slow to move but the sure win your heart fast! Tune in as Shana from Extreme Animals and the Cast of the Fox 25 Morning Show snuggles up to Sid our Two Toed Sloth. Shana explains all about this cute and cuddly creature.

Fennec Foxes on "Fox 25"

So furry and fun! These fox"y" pups will have you grinning from ear to ear! Check out this segment!

Dory Does Debuts!

Meet Our "Otterly Adorable" Otter Dory! She is sure to capture your heart!

Fruit Loops For Breakfast?

How 'Bout We Introduce You To "Fruit Loop" The Toucan For Fox 25's Breakfast SHOW??? You are in for a real "treat!" Watch Now!